COMFEST 2K16 oleh Universitas Pancasila

Communication Festival 2016

Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi Universitas Pancasila proudly present :

Communication Festival 2016

Do you want to be like a real NEWS ANCHOR, PHOTOGRAPHER, POSTER DESIGNER OR COMICA??? Let’s join with us!! WE DARE YOU TO SHOW YOUR TALENT!   6 April 2016 Seminar Jurnalistik (Gustav Aulia) and Entertainment (Reuben Elishama) Regist : Rp. 65. 000 (free photobooth, lunch, sertifcate) 7 April 2016 News Anchor, Poster, Fotografi 9 April 2016 Stand Up Comedy and Music performances Regist competition : Rp. 30.000 (News Anchor Rp. 35.000) TOTAL HADIAH JUTAAN RUPIAH!!   6-9 April 2016 will be held Bazar party!! Regist bazar : Rp. 350.000 (4 hari) untuk pembayaran s/d 25 Maret 2016 Rp. 400.000 (4 hari) untuk pembayaran 26 Maret 2016-30 Maret 2016   More info : Instagram @comfest2016 Line @lkm8762r 081288252620 (Syifa)   Keep Breathing, Keep Inspiring! Inspirator Freak Twitter: @InspiratorFreak Facebook :

LINE : @inspiratorfreak (menggunakan @)


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