Call For Paper Competition

Hello future delegates! UKM SEARCH TELKOM UNIVERSITY Proudly Presents: THE 5th JAVA BUSINESS COMPETITION (JBC) 2016 ! Do you have passion in the field of CALL FOR PAPER? This is your time to deliver and develop your ideas! Through one of our national competition category : CALL FOR PAPER JBC 2016 With Theme: “Managing and Developing Indonesian Potential to Provide Innovative Technopreneur” And Subtheme: 1. Economics and Business 2. Technology 3. Social <<1 team consist of max 3 participants>> Registration will be open on May, 1st 2016 – June 10th 2016 This competition is open for all undergraduate and diploma students in Indonesia. So, prepare yourself and get the opportunities to be a winner! More information: Click to watch our Official Teaser -> Contact Person : – Putri Meuthia ( 08124373379 / Line : putrimeuthia ) – Zeniva ( 081223605042 / Line : cpzeniva ) and don’t forget to add/follow our social media: Official [email protected]: @JBC_TelkomUniv Or click -> IG & Twitter: @JBC_TelkomUniv Fanpage FB: JBC 2016 #The5thJBC2016 #CallForPaperJBC #SEARCHJBC #SahabatJBC #NationalCompetition #JBC2016 Keep Breathing, Keep Inspiring! Inspirator Freak Twitter: @InspiratorFreak Facebook : Instagram : @inspiratorfreak Website : LINE : @inspiratorfreak (menggunakan @)


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