153 Days of Happiness – #1meal1hope

Ahok, Astra International, RPTRA Tanjung Elang Berseri
Gubernur DKI Jakarta Basuki Tjahaja Purnama didampingi Head of Environment & Social Responsibility PT Astra International Tbk Riza Deliansyah (kiri) dan Bupati Kepulauan Seribu Budi Utomo (ketiga kiri) melihat lukisan hasil karya anak-anak Pulau Pramuka pada acara Peresmian Ruang Publik Terpadu Ramah Anak (RPTRA) Tanjung Elang Berseri di Pulau Pramuka, Kepulauan Seribu (20/9).

How time flies! It is almost three years DILL Gourmet Cafe has been opened and be one of the go-to spots for people to enjoy food and beverages in Plaza Indonesia. Before DILL Gourmet Cafe relocates to a new location early next year, we want to create something memorable for our beloved customers and at the same time doing good things. “We name this campaign 153 Days of Happiness, starting today July 1st until November 30th 2015. The numbers 153 have special meanings for us: The number 1 is the whole central idea of giving back. 5 represents the number of special menus that we will create every month to be enjoyed by DILL Gourmet Cafe customers as well as the 5 different foundations we are collaborating with for this campaign. Last but not least, 3 is the number of our chosen areas of focus: education, health and environment,” said Angie Buntaran – Head of Business Unit DILL Gourmet Cafe. Happiness Menu Starting July, DILL Gourmet Cafe will launch 5 main courses each month and 5 special beverages to be enjoyed by customers. The theme for July is Tribute to Rice. As a staple for Indonesian people, rice is a must-have component in almost every meal. Chef Indra Sudarmojo – F&B Director of DILL Gourmet Cafe has chosen his top five rice menus: 1. Nasi Tongseng New Zealand We use only New Zealand lamb, marinated with Indonesian style flavor concoctions then cooked in rich stock, this is the ultimate comfort stew dish. Served with steamed rice, pickles and Emping Chips, even the non-lamb eater will go crazy over this. 2. Nasi Biryani Ayam An Indian-Arab signature dish of spice-flavored Basmati rice served with half Grilled Chicken, Pineapple Pacri and Emping Chips. Definitely an exotic favorite! 3. Nasi Komplit Special DILL Every element in this rice dish is definitely a champion because they complete one another. White steamed rice served with medley of Spicy Fried Beef Empal, Sate Lilit, Ulam Chicken Chili Matah, Kering Kentang Abon, Mix Vegetable Salad, Green Chili Anchovies and Mango Sambal. Think about this dish as party on a plate. 4. Nasi Roasted Duck Curry Juicy Roasted Peking Duck fillet paired with Thai style Green Curry, cherry tomatoes, green eggplants and leunca. Bursting with flavors it is definitely one of the most perfect dishes to go hand-in-hand with steamed rice. 5. Nasi Iga Bakar Australia Tender and juicy grilled Australian Beef Ribs served white steamed rice that makes you want to lick your finger and enjoy every bite of it. Do not forget to pair it with DILL’s house special chili Sambal Sauce for that extra kick. Our Beverage Manager Arif Mahesa also creates 5 special beverage concoctions for this July: 1. Wedang Pletok Lychee – This beverage will make your tummy and heart warm. The sliced young coconut and lychee fruit will add a balanced sweetness to this warming concoction. 2. Strawberry Snow – The mixture of homemade vanilla ice cream, milk, strawberry fruit and syrup making this beverage a hybrid of mocktail and dessert. 3. Major Apple Mojito – This mocktail is so refreshing! The combination of lime, fresh apple juice and mint leaves gives good balance of sweet and sour taste to quench your thirst. 4. Boston Iced Tea – Darjeeling tea mixed with cranberry juice and blackcurrant syrup creates unique taste from the ordinary iced tea. 5. Berries Sparkle – This drink will brighten your day with the freshness of lemon juice, cranberry juice, and ginger ale. DILL Gourmet Cafe also offers Happiness Package 153 every month with the value of Rp153.000,- ++ and with each purchase of this package customers are eligible to draw 2 donation coupons. For July 2015, Happiness Package 153 consists of 1 special beverage in July (pick one), Nasi Biryani/Tongseng NZ/Nasi Komplit Special DILL (pick one) and 1 sliced cake Banana Nutella/Pandan Velvet Cake/Red Velvet/Hazelnut Praline/Matcha Tiramisu (pick one). FOTO 2 Rumah Harapan Valencia Care Foundation This July DILL is partnering up with Rumah Harapan Valencia Care Foundation (VCF) which was established in November 2014 by Valencia Mieke Randa. Rumah Harapan VCF is a shelter for sick children who reside outside of Jakarta. These children are in need of special medical treatment but are unable to be accommodated by the hospitals due to unfortunate financial conditions. The children and parents are welcomed to stay and receive free facilities such as meals, accomodation and transportation to the hospitals. In this special place, you see happy faces and strong spirited children who bravely fight for their lives each day. There are also volunteers to teach them basic skills and cheer them up daily. The mission of Rumah Harapan Valencia Care Foundation is to give hope for those terminally ill children and support them in the most meaningful way possible. “I’m so happy to have a chance to collaborate with DILL Gourmet Cafe in project #1meal1hope, to give a chance to everybody, to feel the beauty of giving. Because life is a gift from God, and sharing is the best way to celebrate life,” said Valencia Mieke Randa- founder of Rumah Harapan VCF. For more information, you can access www.rumah-harapan.com Donation coupon mechanism Every customer who orders any special food and beverage of the month, will be invited to draw donation coupons from a fish bowl prepared by DILL Gourmet Cafe. The donation coupons range from Rp5000,- to Rp100.000,-. Customers will not be asked to pay for the drawn coupons as DILL Gourmet Cafe will pay for all the coupons that are drawn. However if customers would like to make an additional donation together with us, they are very welcomed to do so through the donation box provided. For the period of 1-31 July 2015, all the donations collected will be given to Rumah Harapan VCF. (pressrelease)   Keep Breathing, Keep Inspiring! @InspiratorFreak


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